Community and University Involvement

Community Involvement

Other than the business aspect of this company, PodoKop has decided to get involved in its community.

In 2012, the podiatry students at UQTR founded the Clinique Podiatrique Communautaire in order to raise money for Accueil Bonneau in Montreal.

PodoKop immediately wanted to support the less fortunate from Accueil Bonneau.

They do this by providing any custom-made orthotics prescribed to the beneficiaries of Accueil Bonneau through this initiative.


Community and University Involvement

University Involvement

Eric Valcourt, from 2007 to 2010, has taught at the UQTR for the podiatric medicine program. He has lectured on the prescription and production of orthotics.

PodoKop has always supported the students in podiatric medicine either by sponsering them or offering scholarships.