Minimalist Orthotics

Functional orthosis tailored to specific correction and control criteria to take as little volume as possible in the shoe.

Minimalist DynaKop: New orthosis!

Our newest functional orthoses are based on the control of the medial column in order to optimize the propulsion phase.

A PopoKop exclusive!

Minimalist DynaKop

According to many gait analysis studies, the rear foot is in contact with the ground 28% of the gait cycle while the forefoot is in contact with it 72% of the time. With the minimalist running shoes and the change in width of these new shoes, there was a necessity to develop a new technology in functional orthotics.

The DynaKop minimalist orthosis has to be small, functional, dynamic using the anatomy of the foot. They must be prescribed specifically by a podiatrist that has been trained in how to mold the foot and prescribed according to the specific anatomy of the foot.

It is interesting to note that you can wear the DynaKop orthosis above or under the shoe insole.

DynaKop orthosis under the shoe insole

High Heel Orthotics

The smallest of our orthoses has to be functional while fitting in high heel shoes. It is particularly thin, flexible and produced to respect the angle of the high heel shoes.

High Heel Orthotics