«The prescription of orthoses is a central aspect of our practice. Our collaborating with a laboratory capable of delivering high quality products and impeccable service is thus primordial. In associating ourselves with PodoKop, we have gained speed and efficiency, as well as consistency and precision in the actual fabrication of orthoses. The team at PodoKop delivers products true to prescriptions, even in the case of special orthotics.

We want to congratulate the entire PodoKop team for their accomplishments and thank them for the quality of the services they deliver.»

Drs François Garneau and Philippe Martin-Bédard, Podiatrists

Clinique Podiatrique de Lévis

« We were introduced to PodoKop during our podiatric studies at UQTR. The owners of this company came through as being highly professional, knowledgeable and concerned with our patients’ well-being. Since the beginning of our practice, we have chosen to deal exclusively with PodoKop. Every year, they hold a one-day workshop allowing us to stay up to date with the industry and their entire team remains available to answer any questions we may have. The orthoses they produce are made exactly as prescribed and if ever a problem occurs, every effort is made for it to be solved in the shortest delay possible. In short, dealing with PodoKop facilitates our work as podiatrists. »

Drs Philippe Deschesnes and Anik Chauvette Podiatrists and clinicians

In charge of teaching the clinician course at UQTR

« I have been doing business with PodoKop since 2003. It is the only company that is able to bring me the quality of orthotics that my patients deserve while making sure to give me the custom-made orthotics exactly how I prescribe them. If there is ever anything in doubt, they actually call me to make sure that we get the best possible outcome. Even when I ask for something very specific, they are always able to do it. If ever there is a problem, they try to fix it quickly and make sure it does not happen again. I am fully satisfied with their products and services and I recommend PodoKop to any podiatrist that I know.»

Maïka Saint-Gelais, DPM

Clinique Podiatrique du Saguenay

« PodoKop's two main strenghts in regards to its clients are service and collaboration.

When we start our practice, we always try to find the best price for our services including our orthotics laboratory. Beyond price, you have to look at quality and service with a laboratory that is honest and professional. PodoKop clearly fits these criteria. We feel from the start that the whole team wants your satisfaction and success. Even when you ask for the most complex or creative orthotics, they will do their best to do it with precision (they have certainly earned it with Dr. Joubert!). Orthotics for skates, ski boots or specialized shoes are always done perfectly.
Actually, I particularly appreciate their accommodative orthotics that are dear to my practice.

Beyond costs, there is service, professionalism and the quality of the staff and the final product. These are PodoKop's main characteristics. »

Olivier Parent, DPM

Clinique Podiatrique Olivier Parent

« As a podiatrist, there was not a better decision for me than to choose PodoKop to produce my custom-made orthotics for my patients.

When I send them my molds, I'm always very confident. They are especially used to athletic cases, such as skates or ski boots orthotics with boot warmers. PodoKop has highly qualified personnel, competent orthotists and an unbelievable service. Above and beyond producing orthotics that precisly follow the prescriptions of the podiatrist, they offer a seminar every year  to improve our knowledge in biomechanics and help our practice to make better orthotics.

PodoKop is certainly the best to produce my custom-made orthotics in a very short delay which is quite appreciated by my patients. Thank you for your hard work. »

Dre Gabrielle L. Lapierre, Podiatrist

Cabinet de podiatrie Gabrielle L. Lapierre, Mont-Tremblant